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Rhode Island

HI! My name is James!
I am working hard to turn my life around.

And here’s what others say…
James, sixteen, is a Caucasian and Hispanic young man who describes himself as outspoken, creative and funny. He shares that one of the things that he is most proud of is his ability to be true to himself. James enjoys spending time with others and shows genuine care and concern for the people close to him. He is a good communicator and has expressed the desire to attend college someday. He might like to  become a singer/actor or a hair stylist when he gets older!

James is generally compliant and meets expectations of his current home. In school, James also meets academic standards for his grade level and excels best when in smaller settings. James has said, “I am working hard to turn my life around,” and he is proud of his efforts. Continued community supports would help him to maintain the progress he has been making.

Legally freed for adoption, James is seeking a caring, trustworthy family that will be there for him. Because he is so outgoing, he would do well in a family that is adventurous, likes to travel and do things together as a family.  He tends to get along better with females and would prefer having a mom in the home. James will also need a family who will be open to communication with his biological family.

You can help bring me closer to finding "a place to call HOME" by filling out the MARE Information Request Form. They will be glad to help you get more information about me.

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