Maezing and Anewmi

Maezing and Anewmi
Registration # 5537, 5538
D.O.B. 10/10, 06/07

HI! We are Maezing and Anewmi!

"We want to be adopted together!"

Maezing and Anewmi are Haitian siblings hoping to find their forever family together. Maezing, 9, enjoys, music, electronics and playing with any age-appropriate toys, games, or activities. Maezing is currently in the third grade and requires the implementation of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for special education needs. Maezing is in a therapeutic classroom where his goals focus on behavior, English Language Arts, reading and writing. Maezing has done well reaching his academic goals this school year. Those who know Maezing say he is usually a polite boy who has positive relationships with his peers and adults. Recently Maezing has struggles with managing his emotions in the classroom and being disruptive. When emotionally regulated, Maezing is able to utilize coping strategies and respond to redirection. Maezing continues to benefit from positive reinforcement that the behavioral system in the classroom provides.

Anewmi, 6, loves to play with her dolls and she is also interested in music, electronics, and playing with variety of toys and games. Anewmi is in the first grade and she appears to be meeting her developmental benchmarks. Anewmi has demonstrated some behavioral concerns in the classroom on occasion and she can be very silly and disruptive. Her foster parent reports she is in close communication with Anewmi’s teacher to ensure any issues that do arise are addressed in a timely manner. Anewmi seems capable of establishing peer relationships although given her age she continues to require adult intervention or guidance to resolve problems or to take responsibility for her actions. Maezing and Anewmi are both receiving individual therapy services on a weekly basis.

Anewmi and Maezing’s social worker believes they could be placed in any type of family, with or without other children. They have lived together their entire lives and will need to continue to their relationship in their future home. They are not yet legally freed for adoption and maintain monthly visits with their birth parents in Massachusetts.

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