Registration # 5536
D.O.B. 05/08

HI! My name is Julyzia.

I’m interested in gymnastics and would like to take lessons!

Julyzia, or “Juju” as she likes to be called, is a caring and affectionate 9-year-old girl of African American/Caucasian descent. Julyzia absolutely loves being a helper of any kind. People who know her well describe her as funny, smart and creative. For fun, she loves to play outside, ride her bicycle and do arts and crafts. She’ll even make cards for others as a surprise! Julyzia is happiest when she is playing “Just Dance” and “Mario Cart.”

Legally freed for adoption, Julyzia’s social worker hopes to find a supportive two-parent family with a mom and dad or two moms with either no children or older children. Julyzia will need continued contact with members of her birth family. She is close to her younger sister who is also in foster care, and they could either be placed in separate homes or possibly together in a skilled, experienced family. She also has two other half siblings placed in a pre-adoptive home. Once Julyzia has been matched with a family, there will need to be six visits per year with her birth parents until placement in the adoptive home, and then three visits per year post placement.

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