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D.O.B. 11/07

HI! My name is Jacob

I am hoping to find someone who will visit with me at my program!

Jacob is a nine-year-old boy of Hispanic descent with a great sense of humor. He enjoys playing with cars, bikes, and other children. Jacob is a creative child who loves to draw, color, and dance to music. He also likes to spend time outside whenever he can. Jacob is very sensitive and will not necessarily share his thoughts and feelings until he feels he has established a bond. However, he interacts well and forms strong relationships with both his peers and adults.

Video by Erik Mygrant

Legally freed for adoption, Jacob’s social worker believes that he will do well in a family of any constellation that can offer him love, affection and support throughout his life. His social worker is open to exploring families with or without other children in the home. At this time, Jacob’s social worker is trying to connect him with his biological siblings who were adopted by other families. Should this be successful, fostering these connections will be helpful to Jacob.

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