Registration # 5472
D.O.B. 07/03

HI! My name is KJuan.

"I would like to have a career in computer
technology one day."

KJuan is a friendly and caring thirteen-year-old African American boy. He has a variety of interests and is open to trying and learning new things. KJuan likes to listen to all types of music and play video games. He also loves playing Pop Warner football and basketball, and he enjoys hanging out with his friends and attending church. KJuan is also learning how to cook!

KJuan is a bright eighth grader who does well in school, though he can sometimes struggle with completing his work. KJuan attends individual therapy, which he utilizes well and will need to continue to address his past trauma history. While KJuan sometimes tests limits, he accepts consequences for his behavior. He is quick to engage with people and makes friends easily and he thrives when he receives one-on-one attention.

Legally free for adoption, KJuan’s social worker is seeking a single or two-parent family, preferably experienced parents. If there were other children, KJuan should be the youngest child. KJuan is likely to do best in a family with his heritage, but he has the ability to acclimate to a new culture. A family must offer sibling contact, as his brothers are very important to KJuan.

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