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Jack and RylieJesse & Jaden
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05/04, 09/05
New Hampshire

HI! We are Jesse & Jaden
We really want to be adopted together!

And here’s what others say…
Jesse and Jaden are social, fun and close Caucasian brothers. Jesse is a ten-years-old boy who is friendly, down to earth and chatty. He tends to ‘go with the flow’ of the day and can adjust to change well. He is involved with the Boys and Girls Club and loves hanging out with peers. He has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for emotional needs that impacts his academics. He is also working to gain more confidence with motor coordination. Jesse is currently placed in a residential program where he is doing very well. He tends to express his frustration with outward bursts of negative energy and is working to gain more emotional control and coping skills in therapy. He is liked by staff and they feel he is ready to be moved into a pre-adoptive home.

Jaden is an eleven-years-old who has a great sense of humor with those he is close to. He likes to be active and outdoors as well as be inside and work on building things. At times he can act younger than his age and get easily frustrated when he does not understand something. He has an IEP for emotional needs that impacts his academics, as he can be a ‘rigid’ thinker and has difficulty with change. Math is his strong suit.

Both boys love to play with Legos, swim and ride bikes together. They love animals and are hopeful that their new family has pets. The boys are legally freed for adoption and would love to be placed together in a home of a family consisting of two parents of any constellation with older children or without any children. They would need a family who is open to birth family contact as they have occasional visits with their biological mother. A family who is consistent and structured but understand the importance of flexibility when managing children with some emotional needs. Jesse and Jaden are ready for a family to love and support them for the rest of their lives.

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