Registration # 5400
D.O.B. 05/03

HI! My name is Pablo.
I love playing with Legos!

And here's what others say...
Pablo is a kind-hearted thirteen-year-old boy of Hispanic descent. Pablo enjoys playing with Legos and toy cars. He loves looking at pictures on the computer and printing them out. Pablo can be imaginative—he is great at telling stories too! Pablo’s favorite subject in school is science. When asked what a wish of his would be, Pablo said to have chocolate cake all the time for dessert!

Pablo has some developmental delays that can affect his daily functioning, academic abilities, and self-care sometimes. He is receiving supports to work towards managing some challenging behaviors and emotions. Pablo appears to be a role model for peers in his classroom at times and has shown that he is caring towards friends and teachers.

Pablo is legally freed for adoption and would benefit from any family constellation. Pablo can take time to built trust, thus, an ideal family would be patient and supportive. It is important for Pablo to maintain relationships with his siblings and continue visits with them.

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