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D.O.B. 08/02

HI! My name is Alexandrea.

"I like to be called Ali!"

Ali is a fourteen-year-old Caucasian young lady with a smile that lights up any room. Ali is outgoing, sweet, engaging, likes to make people laugh and has a great sense of humor. Singing in talent shows and acting are a few of Ali’s favorite activities. Ali is very creative and wants a career in the “arts” when she is older.

Ali attends a local public school and is in the seventh grade. She is very bright but struggles in the academic environment due to her behaviors. Due to her low self esteem and trauma history, Ali struggles with her identity and seeks acceptance and attention, even negative attention, from her peers. Ali will strive in a family where there is consistency, structure and supervision. She is very active and needs a positive, productive day planned out for her because she struggles the most during periods of “down time.”

Legally freed for adoption Ali would do best as the youngest or only child in a mother/father or single mom family. She has the ability to attach and develop healthy relationships if there were someone in her life who would maintain consistency and stability. Sibling contact needs to remain a part of her life as well.

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