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D.O.B. 11/07

HI! My name is Alijah.
"My wish is to meet the Kung Fu Panda characters!"

And here's what others say...
Alijah, age 8, is a sweet, lovable and easy-going boy of African American descent. Alijah is a very active child who loves to be physically independent. He has a great memory and loves to repeat scenes from his favorite shows and movies such as Kung Fu Panda. Alijah also likes playing on the iPad, playing basketball, and exploring different insects and outdoor animals. Alijah has been diagnosed with global developmental delays and is able to express about forty words. He is able to utilize some expressive language and can make requests for desired items.

Alijah currently resides in a group home with children who also have developmental delays. He does well in this setting, and interacts appropriately with the staff and his peers. He is able to follow the routine of the program with some supervision. When taken out into the community for different activities, Alijah has done very well. Alijah is in the third grade at a public elementary school but placed in a sub-separate classroom. He is supported by an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) as well as a behavior plan to ensure daily success. His teacher and the Applied Behavior Analyst (ABA) use verbal cues for Alijah (word cards) in the classroom. He can name all his letters, sounds and relates words to letters. He is working on rhyming and is very into music. Peer interactions can be challenging for Alijah but he is working on a goal of interacting with three peers per day.

Legally freed for adoption, Alijah’s social worker is seeking a two-parent family, either without other children or with children who are older than 10 years old. The family should be willing to give Alijah the nurturance, support, consistency and predictability he needs in order to thrive.

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