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Registration # 5260
D.O.B. 03/99
Rhode Island

HI! My name is Scott.
I love achieving goals through hard work and am a friendly person to be around.

Scott is a polite and helpful seventeen year old Caucasian teen. His greatest attributes are his smile and energy. He loves to receive positive attention and praise. He is a hard worker and likes to do chores around the house for allowance that he can use on fun activities. Scott plays football and would love to try wrestling. As an athlete, he enjoys football, baseball, and basketball with the Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics as his favorite teams. He also enjoys card games and video games. Although he is shy when you first meet him, he soon opens up and gets along well with others.

In the ninth grade, Scott is bright, but needs motivation to study and finish his assignments. He has trouble concentrating and needs support focusing on the task at hand. He generally gets along with his peers, however, he struggles with walking away from conflict. He can sometimes find it difficult to maintain friendships, but Scott is generally known as a people person with lots of friends. His goal is to attend college and he aspires to become a professional athlete.

This young man is legally free and would do best in a family that consists of a mother and a father or a single father. He gets along well with males, but can have difficulty respecting adult females. Above all, he has been through a lot of grief and loss in his life. He needs commitment from a family who will love him unconditionally for who he is and guide him.

You can help bring me closer to finding "a place to call HOME" by filling out the MARE Information Request Form. They will be glad to help you get more information about me.

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