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D.O.B. 05/08

HI! My name is Julian.
"I like to play outside!"

And here's what others say...
Julian is a friendly and loving 7-year-old boy of Hispanic descent who enjoys the attention and closeness of his caretakers. He is in the 2nd grade and with the help of
his Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) he continues
to develop his academic and social skills. Julian is active and enjoys playing with his toys and going to the playground. Julian is a unique child and has been described as being “in his own world.” With the support of his therapist and school counselor, Julian is developing his social skills and learning to communicate his feelings. Julian benefits from clear structure and boundaries. He needs consistent reminders about “personal space.”

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Julian is legally freed for adoption and would do well with a local family with much older or no other children. Julian needs a family that is able to provide him with the attention and support he requires. Julian is part of a sibling group of three and shares a close relationship with his siblings. An appropriate family would need to be willing to maintain contact including visitation with the family that adopt his siblings. It is the hope that the siblings are placed in close proximity to each other.

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