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Hi! My name is Dayshawn.
I love to give hugs!


And here’s what others say…
Dayshawn is an affectionate twelve-year-old boy of African-American and Caucasian descent. He has a unique personality and is a curious, imaginative, playful young boy. Dayshawn enjoys making up stories as part of an ongoing role play. He also enjoys coloring, art projects, playing with his toy cars and trucks, and listening to music. Dayshawn is an animal lover and is very caring and gentle towards them.

Dayshawn is diagnosed with autism and has some cognitive delays, however, he has demonstrated a tremendous capacity to learn in the past year and a half. An eager and willing student, Dayshawn has perfect attendance in school. He loves interacting with books, knows the alphabet, all shapes and colors, numbers up to 100 and basic addition and subtraction.

Dayshawn is diagnosed with Autism and has some cognitive delays. He does best given a highly structured day and a routine schedule. Dayshawn excels when his environment is calm and relaxing. He loves to be outside exploring new environments but has a harder time when there is a lot of noise or activity around him. He can sometimes show difficulty with sensory skills and benefits from the sensory room at his program. Despite these challenges, Dayshawn has demonstrated a tremendous capacity to learn as an eager and willing student. Dayshawn reads well and is also a good speller. He is often the first child selected to attend activities because of his outstanding positive behavior. Dayshawn does tend to get along better with male peers but he working on improving socialization with female peers as well. He loves having one-on-one time with adults and receiving their positive attention.

Legally freed for adoption, Dayshawn is ready to be placed in a family who could provide him with a lot of one-on-one assistance and is also willing to participate in therapeutic services with him. Ideally, a family experienced with children on the spectrum would be best. Dayshawn would be a joyful addition to a single or two-parent family with a nurturing female caregiver and one or two siblings. He also has two biological siblings he maintains contact with every couple of months.

You can help bring me closer to finding "a place to call HOME" by filling out the MARE Information Request Form. They will be glad to help you get more information about me.


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