Registration # 5000
D.O.B. 07/01
Rhode Island

HI! My name is Tiara.
I want to be a nurse so I can take care of kids.
I care passionately about those who are disadvantaged.

And here's what others say...
This fourteen-year-old loves fairies and believes in their magic powers. Tiara, who is Caucasian, also likes sleepover parties with friends, swimming, getting dressed up, and dancing! She is described as sweet, polite, affectionate and appreciative. She loves tacos and doesn’t hesitate to help out in the kitchen. She is generally fun to be around and will light up your day. She asks a lot of questions and opens up easily to others.

Tiara does have degenerative hearing loss for which she uses hearing aids. Living with this disability has helped Tiara gain compassion for other children who have special needs. She feels protective of kids who cannot defend themselves and won’t allow bullying in her school to go unnoticed. Tiara generally does well academically and particularly enjoys physical education because she likes “exercise and other good healthy stuff.” While generally she has good peer relations, her hearing issues can lead to frustration and feeling like others are talking about her.

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Legally freed for adoption, Tiara is eager to be adopted and would ideally like a mom and dad in Rhode Island who are young, active and will take her to dance classes. However her worker will consider any two parent family, with at least one female parent, who has older children or no other children living in the home. Tiara wants a family who will do arts and crafts with her and would like a pet, but not cats. Tiara needs parents who are interested in learning sign language and other skills to help her be successful in a family. Tiara dreams of a forever family to call her own but wishes for an open adoption with her father who she will always care for.

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