Registration # 4988
D.O.B. 04/01

HI! My name is Kayanna.
"I want to find a family that will let me pursue my dreams!"
I want to become an actress someday and make it big!

And here's what others say...
Kayanna is a friendly, engaging fifteen-year-old Cape Verdean and African American girl. Kayanna is very athletic and enjoys staying busy. She has participated on volleyball and basketball teams and also took up an interest in Parkour. Kayanna enjoys riding her bicycle, dancing, and cooking. Faith is important to Kayanna and she enjoys going to church.

Kayanna is very smart and enjoys math and writing. She enjoyed when she was able to attend an alternative school where she learned about interior design. Kayanna acknowledges that she is very talkative and confident. Sometimes she can be too chatty in certain situations that are not appropriate but this is something she is working on.

Legally freed for adoption, Kayanna would do well with an adoptive family that will be patient and understanding of her history and future goals. Kayanna may wish to keep in contact with her siblings and extended family in the future. Kayanna is open to learning about different types of families, but it is very important to Kayanna that her future family is also the same race as her. Registration

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