Registration # 4814
D.O.B. 05/05

HI! My name is Paige.
"I love to read chapter books"

And here's what others say...
Paige is a very bright and resilient eleven-year-old girl of Caucasian descent. Paige has a fun sense of humor and is a very loving child. She is also energetic and active which at times requires her to be redirected. In her foster home Paige likes to play cards, board games and do arts and crafts activities. Outside of the home, she takes karate and gymnastic classes. Recently, Paige has been learning how to ride and care for horses too!

Paige has been described as having a broad and vivid imagination. There are times where she may stretch the truth and end up having relationship issues with her peers. Paige can easily discuss the things that she needs to work on and can identify her own strengths and weaknesses. In school, Paige receives assistance through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for reading comprehension. If Paige moves to a new school once a home is identified, it would be beneficial for the school to find creative ways to keep her interested in learning. Paige realizes that weekly therapy has been very beneficial in her stabilization and that she will need to consistently continue with therapy in her new home.

Legally freed for adoption, Paige should be the only or youngest child in her new home. She would do best in an active family with a mom and dad or two mom configuration. Her new family should also be patient and firm in establishing structure, rules and routine. Paige will need continued contact with her younger brother and younger sister.

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