Registration # 4671
D.O.B. 01/04

HI! My name is Michael.

"My dream is to become a pilot in the Air Force!"

Michael is a sweet, kind, and sensitive thirteen-year-old boy of Caucasian descent. Some of Michael’s interests include Pokémon cards, superheroes, reading, video games, singing, dancing, and going to the movies. Michael also enjoys being active and playing sports. His favorites include basketball, soccer and capture the flag football. Michael is artistic and can often be seen drawing or coloring. Michael enjoys building relationships with supportive adults.

Michael is motivated to do well in school and enjoys helping other students. He does best academically with a structured routine and a visual schedule.

Legally freed for adoption, Michael would like to be placed in a home with a mother and father. Michael’s social worker is open to exploring families where Michael can be the youngest or only child in the home. Michael currently visits with his maternal grandparents and these relationships are very important to him. A family should be open to helping him maintain them.

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