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D.O.B. 04/02

HI! My name is Nick!

"I think I am smart!

Math is my favorite subject in school.

I’d like be a firefighter when I grow up because it saves
people’s lives. "

Nicholas, who goes by Nick, is an engaging 14-year-old boy of Caucasian descent. In his free time, Nick enjoys many outdoor activities, including basketball, riding his bicycle and skateboarding. He is a big nature lover and thoroughly enjoys hiking and walking trails. During walks in the woods, his therapist has found that Nick tends to opens up more. He also enjoys video games and listening to music. Beats headphones and a gaming chair are on his wish list. Nick is good with animals and likes dogs.

Nick currently resides in a residential setting where he is doing well. The staff have a lot of positive things to say about Nick—He is energetic, enthusiastic and holds conversation. He smiles easily and enjoys pleasing others. Nick attends school at the residence and tends to have more challenges in this setting. Due to his history of trauma and multiple placements, he has academic delays and will sometimes feel overwhelmed with the work. He will need a family who will support him with academics and advocate for necessary services from the school department.

Legally freed for adoption, Nick would do well in a family who has a good understanding of trauma and how it affects children. He will need a patient, nurturing, structured home environment where the focus is positive and the parents enjoy giving praise and rewarding appropriate behavior. A family should also help Nick learn how to make choices that will enhance both his day-to-day life and his future. A thoughtful transition period would be most beneficial for Nick.

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