Registration # 4484
D.O.B. 11/04

HI! My name is Lisa.

"I hope to find a family who will stick by me."

Lisa is an thirteen-year-old Caucasian girl in need of a consistent, attentive, calm and structured home. Lisa is currently playing basketball at a community center and enjoys the opportunity to be in the community. While in her current placement, Lisa has made many gains. She responds well to the structure and has developed several peer relationships. She is able to take space as needed. Lisa receives great reports from her school teacher. She reports Lisa tries her best and she has even more potential.

Video by Matthew Cadwallader

Legally freed for adoption, Lisa is ready to transition into a long term placement. Lisa has expressed her wishes to reside with a two-parent family and be adopted. Lisa has identified that she feels most comfortable with African American caretakers, preferably two mothers, but she is open to families of all backgrounds. She has a brother with whom it will be important to maintain contact. Lisa needs caretakers that would work with her current providers to understand Lisa’s needs and how to best respond to them.

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