Registration # 4461
D.O.B. 04/06

HI! My name is Michael.
I am very athletic!

And here's what others say...
Michael is an engaging, energetic and active 10-year-old African American boy who likes playing video games and Pokemon cards. He also likes arts and crafts, board games and action figures. Michael is well-coordinated and athletic, and he shows confidence in his abilities. He has played flag football and has also taken karate lessons. Michael does well playing with his peers and in groups. He is currently placed in a group home where he has developed some positive relationships with the staff.

Michael attends a specialized school where he has been improving academically. Michael has responded well to the structure of his therapeutic classroom and he has formed some positive, trusting bonds with teachers and staff. He is a creative writer who enjoys writing his own stories and making books.

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Michael would do best in a two-parent home, or with a resilient and vigilant single parent, that could provide him with structure and calm limits while also being able to offer him warmth and affection. Michael is legally freed for adoption and would like a family with whom he could “share a lot of laughs” with and who would also protect him. He also needs to maintain contact and regular visitation with his younger sister who was adopted by another family in Massachusetts.

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