Registration # 4326
D.O.B. 11/04

HI! My name is Ciara.
"I like to make up my own songs!"
"I’m good with animals."
"I want to be a singer when I grow up."

And here's what others say...
Ciara is a likeable, energetic eleven-year-old girl who loves animals. One of her favorite things to do is take care of the rabbits and ducklings in her foster home. Ciara has a beautiful singing voice and even writes her own songs. She also enjoys going to the playground and watching television.

Ciara is said to be a sweet and loving girl who is doing fairly well in her foster home. She benefits from a lot of attention and consistent discipline from her caregivers in order to do her best. Ciara is responsive to redirection when necessary. She has been doing well in school and likes to fit in wherever she goes. She will need to continue in therapy to address issues related to her past.

Of a multiracial background (African-American, Caucasian and Hispanic), Ciara is connected with birth family and will need to remain in contact with siblings who were placed separately. Ciara should also have a yearly visit with her birth mother. Legally freed for adoption, Ciara would do well in a single or two-parent household with a lot of activity and people around. She would do well with older siblings (high school/college age) and pets in the home.

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