Registration # 4225
D.O.B. 02/02

HI! My name is David.

"I’m really interested in computers and technology!"

David is a compassionate fifteen-year-old boy of Caucasian/Hispanic descent. David has many interests and hobbies including arcade games, art projects, building with Legos, building forts, reading books, puzzles, watching movies and playing with board games. David also participates in a dirt bike club which he really enjoys! Other sports that David likes include table-tennis, soccer, kickball, capture the football, swimming and basketball. David is an intelligent student who does best with hands-on activities. During the past school year it was his goal to learn more about computer programming and technology.

David is legally freed for adoption and should be placed with a family who is supportive and understanding of David’s needs. David’s social worker believes he would thrive in a two-parent home as the youngest or only child. He would do best with experienced parents willing to provide David with a structured and nurturing environment. David will need to have a continuing relationship with his paternal grandmother and visiting resource. David looks forward to these visits and they are the one consistency in David's life.

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