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D.O.B. 05/03

HI! My name is Nathan.
I love the color orange!

And here's what others say...
Nathaniel is a determined, strong and adorable 11 year old boy of Hispanic descent. Having a stroke at birth and diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Nathaniel is non ambulatory, confined to a wheel chair and non verbal. He depends on 24 hour care. Regardless of all his limitations, Nathaniel still loves to giggle, laugh and gets excitement from hearing his caregiver's voice. Nathaniel enjoys playing with his hand held game and loves the sounds of his musical toys and rattles. He lights up when Blue's Clues is on the TV. He also has a favorite color, orange. Most of his wardrobe is made up of clothes in various shades of orange. He receives daily occupational and physical therapy at the local elementary school that he attends. Legally free for adoption, Nathaniel would bring joy and love to any family. He would do best in a family experienced in caring for medically involved children who will need long-term care.

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