Registration # 4204
D.O.B. 06/05

HI! My name is Nicholas.
I like chocolate ice-cream!
I am a dragon enthusiast!

And here's what others say...
Nick is a fun-loving ten-year-old Caucasian boy who is creative and loves to sing. He is caring and polite. His hobbies include reading, playing Wii, using his bug catching kit, playing soccer, building with Legos, and listening to music. He has a vivid imagination and likes to engage in role-playing games while active outside or inside with action figures.

Nick enjoys one-on-one attention, and also enjoys playing independently with action figures, Legos, and Pokemon cards. Nick has played on a town soccer team for two seasons and would like to explore some new activities, too. Nick helps with chores around the house such as putting away silverware and sweeping the porch. He makes his bed and keeps his room neat. Nick loves dogs and is really good with them. He likes all kinds of pets and is interested in animals. Nick is very smart and does well at school academically. He does his homework every night cheerfully and quickly. He is in a regular education classroom but accesses school counselors when needed

Legally freed for adoption, the ideal family for Nicholas is a two parent or single parent family of any constellation who has a lot of structure. It would be beneficial for Nicholas to be the youngest child. Nicholas has a younger sister, so a future family should be open to maintaining contact between them. Nicholas also has an open adoption agreement established with his birth father for two visits a year.

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