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D.O.B. 11/05

HI! My name is Damon.
"I have a good sense of humor!"

Damon is loving and affectionate eleven-year-old boy of African American and Lebanese descent. He is shy and reserved around strangers at first, but he thoroughly enjoys the company of adults once he warms up and is comfortable. Damon likes video games but he has also played flag football and is open to trying new activities, such as martial arts. He would benefit from a supportive family that could expose him to these types of activities.

Damon is in a small classroom with extra support where he is having success. His teachers love him, and he has many friends. He is very likeable, and can be engaging and fun to be around. Damon does have some academic delays but with the right supports, he could likely transition to a mainstream class. He needs to know that his environment is safe, and he may test limits to see if adults will keep him safe.

Legally freed for adoption, Damon’s social worker is seeking a family for Damon that can advocate for the services he needs both at school and in the community. He tends to do best with male caretakers so a family with at least one father would be the best match. Damon would do best as the youngest child in a home if there were other children. Damon will need a family that will allow him to have ongoing contact with his maternal grandparents, older brother and birth mother who are an important part of his life.

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