Registration # 4140
D.O.B. 12/00

HI! My name is Hector.

"I love working in the auto body shop at school."

Hector is a kind sixteen-year-old Puerto Rican boy. He is athletic and has great mechanical skills. Hector enjoys playing video games, watching his favorite TV shows, going to the movies, spending time in the community, and playing sports. Hector plays football, basketball, and does mixed martial arts. Over the past summer, Hector placed second in a MMA competition!

Hector is currently in the 11th grade. He most enjoys working on cars and motorcycles in the auto shop at his school. When thinking about a future career, Hector has stated he would like join to the military with the opportunity to work in infantry.

When Hector was asked what he would like a family to know about him, he shared that he can cook, he likes to work and would like a part time job at a movie theater, and he would like to join the military when he is eighteen. Additionally, Hector would love to learn how to drive and be able to spend more time with friends. Hector’s three wishes are to live close to a city, to be working, and to have his own apartment when he is older.

Legally freed for adoption, Hector’s team is looking for lifelong connections for Hector and will consider a potential adoptive family if they can meet his needs and support him as he approaches adulthood. Hector has some contact with birth family and would like tro maintain these connections.

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