Registration # 4108
D.O.B. 10/04

HI! My name is Arn.
I want to travel somewhere on an airplane!

And here's what others say...
Arn is a charismatic eleven-year-old boy of African American descent. Those who know Arn say he has the natural ability to make others laugh. Arn is also very active and athletic. His favorite sport is baseball and he excels at playing the pitcher. Arn also likes to read and play video games.

Arn is very intelligent and does well in school. His favorite subjects are reading and science. He can sometimes struggle with peer relationships but he is trying to work through this. Arn’s behavior is good in his current foster home given the stricture, consistency and redirection the family provides. Arn is engaged in therapeutic services to assist him with managing his emotions and expressing himself appropriately.

Legally freed for adoption, Arn’s social worker believes he can thrive in any type of family with or without other children. It is important that a family provide daily structure and support while Arn continues to develop his interests and overall emotional well-being. Arn is very connected to his biological sister therefore he would benefit from supervised visits and phone calls with her.

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