Registration # 4066
D.O.B. 06/02

HI! My name is Kavin.

"I want to play in the NBA!"

Kavin is a fifteen-year old Caucasian boy with lots of interests and talents! Kavin is very outgoing and finds a lot of enjoyment in singing and dancing. He also loves electronics, and is a quick thinking gamer. He even hopes to visit Microsoft one day! Kavin loves to stay active, and has interests in all sports–he has a special interest in basketball though, and he hopes to play professionally one day. Always seeking out challenges and experiences, Kavin is up for anything new and different. He really would like to take part in any new experience with other kids his age, like go-carting!

Video by Gretchen Siegchrist

Kavin is legally freed for adoption and his social worker believes he would do best in a two parent or single parent household which consists of at least one male parent. If adopted into a family with other children, Kavin would benefit more so from having older children in the household. It is important to Kavin that he is able to maintain regular contact and visits with his siblings and grandmother, and that he receives the support of his adoptive family in doing so.

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