Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange

Registration # 3886
D.O.B. 02/99
Rhode Island

HI! My name is Nizia.

I am sure to crack you up!

I thrive being around others.

I have not given up home on finding my forever family.

Nizia is a bright and friendly teen who always has a smile for everyone he meets. This 16 year-old is outgoing and has a great personality. He enjoys skateboarding, wrestling, dancing, playing video games and watching movies. In addition, Nizia has a budding passion for the creative arts, through which he showcases his sense of humor.
In school, Nizia receives extra academic support in certain subjects as well as behavioral supports, but both students and teachers enjoy having Nizia around to make them laugh. Nizia's sweet and sociable demeanor would bring so much to the lives of an adoptive family if given the chance. Nizia is legally free for adoption and his worker is open to all family constellations. He is just looking for a home that will offer him a sense of belonging, and allow him to maintain a relationship with his older sister.

You can help bring me closer to finding "a place to call HOME" by filling out the MARE Information Request Form. They will be glad to help you get more information about me.


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