Registration # 3861
D.O.B. 01/06

HI! My name is Justin.

Row, row, row your boat is one of my favorite songs to sing along to!

Justin is a cheerful Hispanic eleven-year-old boy who always has a bright smile on his face! Justin loves listening to music, singing along to nursery rhymes, dancing, and being read to. When Justin hears a familiar song, he will clap his hands and cheer! Justin loves all opportunities to be in the car and go someplace new. In fact, his visiting resource expressed Justin’s excitement for going out to eat and strolling around the mall. Justin is a curious child who will continue to find joy and wonder when placed with an adoptive family who shares his love for adventure.

Justin enjoys school activities such as swimming and exploring the sensory room. Justin benefits from specialized supports and supervision. Justin has made many strides since being at his current placement; his team is proud the progress he is making with his communication skills too.

Justin is legally freed for adoption. We are looking for a family with room in their hearts and lives to support Justin and his needs into adulthood. Justin especially enjoys being around other children. Justin’s social worker is hopeful to match Justin with a dedicated two-parent family in Massachusetts that has knowledge of medical needs.

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