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D.O.B. 07/01

HI! My name is Kobe.
"I like movies centered on comic book superheroes."

And here's what others say...
Kobe is a fifteen-year-old young man of Caucasian descent. He is very active, loves sports and likes to be out in the community. Kobe has always had the desire to feel loved and to be part of a family where he would feel like he belonged. He has experienced a tremendous amount of loss and trauma in his life but his admirable resilience has pulled him through it. He is a hard worker and is not afraid to put himself to work to achieve his goals.

Kobe lives in a residential group home where he has the support of staff to help process his feelings. He has worked hard in therapy to get to the point where he understands his hyperactivity and emotions and can regulate them. He is now able to use self regulation techniques successfully in the classroom and has increased his ability to stay in the classroom, focus more and engage in learning.

Legally freed for adoption, Kobe would like to be the only child in a two-parent family. He has a younger brother and grandmother with whom he would like to maintain contact. It would be great if Kobe’s new family could visit with him regularly at his residential program before transitioning into the home.

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