Registration # 3530
D.O.B. 12/01

HI! My name is David.

"My wish is to find a forever family who will always believe in my potential!!"

David is a sweet and easygoing fifteen-year-old boy of Caucasian descent. He interacts well with the adults in his life and enjoys exploring his environment in many ways; his favorite being through sense of touch. David is on the Autism spectrum and benefits from tactile experiences that include knocking over objects to hear how they sound and banging toys together to examine how it feels. Some of David’s other favorite activities include swinging on swings and riding his bike. David is mainly non-verbal but knows some sign language and uses picture exchange communication (PEC) as well. David needs some assistance with daily living activities but others he has mastered. David is well liked by all of his caretakers and they feel that he has enormous potential, as he is learning new skills all of the time. David attends a specialized school and receives extra support in the classroom.

Legally freed for adoption, David will do well in a family of any constellation, as an only child or with older siblings. However, his social worker would prefer a family that has knowledge about children on the Autism spectrum. David’s ideal family will be open to providing constant supervision and also be a strong advocate for David throughout his life. David has the ability to grow, learn and thrive under the guidance of a patient and loving family that will help him to reach his full potential.

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