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HI! My name is Anthony.
"I’m an avid coin collector!"

Anthony, who prefers to be called “AJ,” is a twelve-year-old boy of Caucasian descent. AJ refers to himself as an organizer because he always likes to have a plan. Some of AJ’s other interests include Pokemon cards, electronic games, sports and reading. AJ mentioned he has few options for his future; he wants to become a lawyer, a banker in foreign currency or a professional athlete.

AJ is a smart, straight forward child who appreciates knowing what is going on and what to expect. AJ enjoys going to school and reports his favorite subject to be math. Not only does he excel academically, he is able to ask very insightful questions and he is willing to search for information when he lacks the knowledge on a specific topic. AJ's academic achievements are well evident in his grades and participation in class. AJ receives support in school from an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) to address emotional needs. Anthony has also been engaged in weekly therapy for the past three years.

When asked about his future family, AJ states he wants a family that will love him and be nice to him. Any pre-adoptive resource for AJ should be understanding of how his past history impacts his current functioning. His social worker believes he would do well in a two parent family where parents can support each other during challenging times and have the ability to seek support as needed. AJ would do well as a youngest or only child in the home. AJ is legally freed for adoption.

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