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D.O.B. 03/00

HI! My name is Hunter.
I’m an animal lover.
I enjoy spending time at my Boys and Girls Club.

And here's what others say...
Hunter, 16, is a Caucasian boy who is looking for an adoptive home. He is a very sweet, sensitive, and kind heartened teenager. He has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. Hunter loves animals and would do well with a family who has pets. He enjoys spending his free time at the local YMCA or Boys and Girls Club. Hunter does have some behavioral challenges that present themselves in the school environment; however, he has applied himself this school year to bring up his grades. He is a smart child, but needs support and redirection to stay on task.

Legally free for adoption, Hunter would do best in a two-parent household in order to receive the support and nurturance he needs. Currently, Hunter does not have birth family contact through visitation. Hunter is very close with his older brother who has decided to not pursue adoption. It is important that Hunter’s relationship with his biological brother is both supported and maintained. An ideal family would be patient, active, and have experience with teenagers.

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