Financial Information


TOGETHER, we placed 203 waiting children and teens into permanent adoptive homes in fiscal year 2016. 

We cannot thank our supporters enough for helping to make this happen! 

Below are those who contributed financially or through in-kind donations in FY16
(July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016)

$100,000 +
The Dave Thomas Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999
Jack Williams Endowment For Wednesday's Child

$10,000 - $49,999
Ludcke Foundation
Perpetual Trust For Charitable Giving, Bank of America, Trustee
Route 128 Used Auto Parts
Adoption Exchange Association
Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
DCU For Kids
John W. Alden Trust
Northshore Mall
The Peabody Foundation, Inc.
Yardi Systems, Inc.

$5,000 - $9,999
Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation
Ernst & Young
Gratis Foundation
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation
Give With Liberty
Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation
Orville W. Forte Charitable Foundation, Inc
Susan A. & Donald P. Babson Charitable Foundation

$1,000 - $4,999
Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias
Fred and Carol Coffey
Knights of Pythias-- Welcome Lodge #158
Charles H. Hall Foundation (Bank of America Philanthropy)
Ellen Abbot Gilman Trust
Holyoke Mall At Ingleside
Insource Services, Inc.
Kelleen Kiely
Boston Bruins Foundation
Brookline Bank
Maximus Foundation
Mary Jo and Stephen Johnson
Lehman, Dana and Schreckengaust, Amanda
Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.
Bethesda Lodge #30 Independent Order Of Odd Fellows
Microsoft (Corporate Citizenship)
Michelle and James Cuff
Engel, Samuel and Anne, Freeh
Wellesley Bank Charitable Foundation
Adams, Holli and Samet, Joseph
Jane and PT Hart
Christina and Lance Haines
Florence Electric, LLC
Rhys Gardiner
George A. Ramlose Foundation
Anthony and Kristine Jordon
Kohl's Cares - Associates In Action
Louise Lazare
Kevin and Melissa Martin
Keith and Marie Ventimiglia

$500 - $999
Merck Partnership For Giving
United Way Of Mass Bay and Merrimack Valley
Stephen and Wendy Briggs
Marc and Catherine Langer
Michele Benkis
Peter and Chris Arcabascio
IBM Employee Giving
David and Karen Fahey
Seif, Karen and Sanni, Christine
Christopher and Victoria Thullen
Work Incorporated
ABCD, Inc./ COMECC - Employee Charitable Campaign
Noonan, Kevin and Defronzo-Noonan, Maria
Mary Lou and Robert Sutter
Crocker, Ruth and James, Oliver
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Rhea and Allan Bufferd
Katherine Funaro
Douglas & Whitney Griffin
Hallet, Bob and Donovan, Joanne
Blake Jones
Susan and Edward Kenney
Samuel Lindenberg
Cheryl Murtaugh
Randy and William O'Brien
Patrick Patuto
Christopher Rowley
Elizabeth Samet
Laura and David Scarbro
William and Judith Silver
Len and Lance Tucker
David White
Sarah and Mark Williamson
Pace Willisson DO NOT SOLICIT
Worcester Shines, Inc.

$100 - $499
United Way Of Central MA
Glavia Smith
Tony LaCasse
Victor Romeiro
ABCD, Inc./ COBECC - City Of Boston Employee Charitable Campaign
Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area CFCNCA
Tracy & Michael Podol
Fred & Lynda Appel
Fazen, Victoria
Johnson, Susan M.
Maxim, John D
Michael O'Neill and Susan Rider-O'Neill
Societa San Domenico Protettore Di Augusta
Wegman's Food Markets, Inc.
Laura Basso
Susan Lyon
Bloom, Jonathan and Snetsky, Amy (TRUiST)
GE Foundation
Mary, David and Dymski Boyce
Cynthia, Carla and Ellison Bunin
Gail and Brian Donovan
Peter Dronzek
Facility Management Corp
Rebecca Flacke
Gerald and Dina Gaudette
William and Kelly Hargett
Edward Hemstreet
Christine Lange
Jeffrey Lehman
Richard and Mary Maxwell
William and Anne K. McCullen
Timothy Membrino
Brenda L Mutcherson
Needham Bank
O'Connor & Drew, P.C.
Victor Rosenberg
Steven Samet
Sharon and Alan Silverman
Edward and Carol Sullivan
Ellen Tohn
Thalia Tringo
Keri, Mary and Califano Belge
Clifford and Jeannine Burkard
Francis and Kimberly Cavanaugh
Carol Chiulli
Dean DeMaster
Andrew Gilles
Lorraine and Paul Greiff
Susan and Ara Hagopian
Mary Hegarty
Jane and Joseph Reilly
Robert Sandler
Eric Schnabel
Daniel Strasshofer
Anne Welch
Rhonda Cutler,
Robert and Debra Herman
CFC Northern New England - Combined Federal Campaign
Pamela and John Richmond,
Combined Federal Campaign - RI & Southeast Mass. CFC
Garis Suero
Stephen and Karen McGunnigal
Performance Pediatrics
Debora Sulham
Benjamin and Jod iTillinger
Amanda McKenzie
Valerie and David Lovely
Arthur B Arbetter
BNY Mellon Community Partnership
Rachel DeMaster
Elizabeth Folgeman
Bernard Ghitman
Blake Harrison,
Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy
Kendra and Zachary Kerzee
Sydney Burt Kirwan
Louis R.Quartararo
Louis V. Quartararo
Amelie Ratliff
Martha and Robert Sheridan
The Huntington Theatre Company
Trademark Livery
Andrew Zuroff
Derek and Melissa DaCosta
Richard Moffitt
James and Joseph Hykel
Brian Surette
Todd and Nancy Danos
Stephen Reynolds
Jennifer and Michael Murray
Tom and Renee Arena
Mary BethCarmody
Kristin, Gary and Lyons Contois
Eileen Curran and Bob Halloran
David Dollins
Anne English
Katie Casey Falzone
Lisa Funaro and Michael Delalla
Hazel Gaskell
Janice and Ralph Halpern
Geraldine Minichiello
Marilyn Paterno
Deborah L Perates
Mark A. Rosen
Andrew, Beth and McMains Henriques
Lynn and Kevin Riley
Larz Anderson Auto Museum
Barbara and Dana Fontaine
Kristin and David Palkoner
Jonathan and Beth Nicholson
David, Millie, and Prett Cardello
New England Aquarium
Donald and Mary Johnson
Bernadette and Melissa Zagarella
Donita and Jim Adams
Vincent Alesi
Bernice and George Baeumler
Jonathan Bamel
Deborah Bobek
Peter Bogosian
Maureen E Bowe
Anne Brown
Kenneth Brown
Neil and Mary Ann Bullis
Jeremy Bushnell
John Bushnell,
C & S Wholesale Grocers
James and Lee Candor
Adrianne Canning
Canton Lodge #6
John Capone
Robert and Jennifer Carey
David Carvel
Laurie Chandler
Richard Charron
Donald Clark
Marc Cohn
Jennifer Cort
Anne D'Avenas
Tracy, Adam and Scatterday Delmolino
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Norfolk-Plymouth County
Tina Depiero
Michael Desrochers
John and Carol Devendorf
Alyda and Joseph Dewhirst
David DiIulis
James S Dodge
Erich Drafahl
Richard Federico
Karen Fine
James and Rebecca Fyke
Rex Gedney
Richard Gedney
Jeffrey and Kristen Glavin
Crystal Gould
Marika Greiff
Cynthia Greiner
Paul Guimond
Amy Hampe
Teresa Heard
Shamain Hilliard
Cheryl and John Holenko
Janet Holian
Heather Houghton
Lorraine and John Hykel
Inman Oasis
Ernest and Mary Joly
Jay Jostyn
Peter Kaplan
Patricia Keenan
Theresa Kitay
Jayna and Dale Klatzker
Eric Krauss
Laurie Kush
Eunice Laffey
Anthony Lavely
Patricia Lawton
Marilyn Leary
Carolyn Lehman
Allen and Barbara Levesque
Todd Levin
Jeffrey and Rittenberg Liebman Eve
Lauren Lischer
Robert Lonergan
Chelsea Lung'aho
Laurel K. Lyle
Bonnie MacDonald
Laura Maltby
Ted and Mary Maney
Maria and Anthony Marchigiano
Jane S Marks
Eileen Martin
Laurie A Martinelli
Matthew Mayerchak
Bryan McCorry
Sarah Merritt
Julie Mohler
Susan Moloney
Joanne Morris
Chris and Susan Murphy
Heather and John Murray
David Noah
Sandra Noe
Susan Nordberg
Leslie O'Brien
Mary Adele Pace
Carol Parssinen
Sharyn and Pat Patuto
Lauraine Perry
Jason and Anita Preble
Emmett Price
Ignatius and Sally Quartararo
Philip Quartararo
Raymond and Lynn Quartararo
Michael Rapp
Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation
Richard Richmond
Robert P. Riley
Andrea Silva Robbins
Robert W Kinsey Charitable Fund
Carol David Roe
Andrew Rosenbaum
Robert and Maria Rossi
Brighton and Jeff Samet
Heather Sanborn
Susan Schreckengaust
Sandra Schultz
Jane Segale
Erin and Randall Stafford
Todd David Stanley
State Street GiveMore Program
William Strong
Karl and Cheryl Strother
Jeffrey Summit
Catherine Terwedow
Jessica Thibault
Joyce Thompson
William Thornhill
Dana Torrey
Susan and Paul Trevithick
Lisa Tuttle
United Technologies (Matching Gift Program)
Denise A Vanvooren
Shawn Warren
Donna and Caira Jeffrey Weadick
Jill Weise
John and Linda Wilbanks
Sarah Willard
Edward and Patricia Williamson
Jane Wolfson
Nancy Woodfork
Claudine and Rich Wyner

$1 - $99
Jocelyn Baker
Guayakí Yerba Maté
Jay, Jaclyn and Bratton, Mastromatteo
Sarah and Matt Driscoll
Sarah D. Feinberg
Rosemary Dangelo
Sarah and Gail Sund-Lussier
Hy-Line Cruises
F1 Boston
Liane and Justin Joly
Josh, Kay and Pierson, Kamiyama
Kiely, David and Bridget, Chiaruttini
Mark, Christine and Page, Lebel
Tracey Sughrue
Michael Badia
David C. Bailey Jr.
Daniel Becker
Patrick Bryant
Scott, Amy and Thomson, Clark
Leatrice Crivello
Salvatore and Elizabeth Falzone
Courtney Folgeman
Sheila and Robert Frankel
Ching Mei Fung
Bill Gunning
Robert and Clairemarie Hunter
Patricia Menjin
Myrna J. Merowitz
Lori Rogers-Stokes
Ashley Stone
Hilary Taylor
Mikell Taylor
Robert and Amanda Toro
Amazon Smile
Charles RiverBoat Co.
Peabody Essex Museum
Donna Lee and Nancy Clough
Anne, Francis and Lori, Dufresne
William and Allison Gagan
James and Karen Greaney
Jennifer J
Melinda and Kevin McCaul
Plymouth Plantation
Dorothy ABBVIE Jacques
Story Land
Patty Quartararo
Lani Verges-Radack
Ernest Palkoner
Peter Briggs
Michelle Dansereau
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Chuck and Christina Jenkins
Terence and Leann McAllister
Diane Mealo
Jonathan Melman
Dawn and Steven Mesite
Amy and Bill Meyer
Andrea Taylor
Kurt Wojtanek
The Salem Wax Museum
Steven Pestka
Cynthia Abraham
Daryll Acker
Charlene Allwood
Bruce, Betsy and Powers, Alper
Sebastian Aresco
Norman Arsenault
Mohammed Aterhzaz
Lori Baeumler
Richard, Patti and Forgeron, Bair
Bank Of America Matching Gifts (United Way)
Christopher Barry
Roger Bayley
Claire Bellucci
Kathleen Bird
Peter Bloomfield
David Blythe
Laurie and James Bono
Debra Borgwardt
Lisbeth Bornhofft
Michael Bova
Patricia Braunegg
Jennifer Breazeale
Michael Brewer
Robert and Diane Breyan
Amy Breznikar
Kim Breznikar
Nerlande Brice
Darrell and Nancy C Brown
Katheryn Brown
George, Nancy and Koslosky, Brown
Carol Bruch
Lawrence Buckley
Pauline D Burke
William Burke
Kirk Burkhart
John Burns
Sandra Cahill
Karyn Carey
Paula Carlson
Gail Casey
Vickie Cataldo
Century Bank
Kit Chan
Monique Chateauneuf
Albert and Eileen Chiaruttini
Danielle Chioditti
Jeffrey Cohen
Kathleen, Eileen and Allen, Cole
Roger Coons
Joan, Peter and Stark-Cornetta, Cornetta
Linda Costello
Kevin and Jennifer Cotreau
Justin Couture
Linda Craft
Christine Curci
Carol D'Agostino
Dan and Elizabeth Davis
Annie Delaney
Michael Deldon
Nancy Digiacomo
Joan Domenicucci
Kristen Donahue
Ashley Drew
Evan and Andrew Duffy
Allison Dunn
Nora DuPont
Timothy Dvorscak
Philip Dwight
Sarah Dwight
Karen Edgers
Sergio Espinola
Essex River Cruises & Charters
Stephanie Ettinger De Cuba
Chris Field
Kerry Flynn
Thomas Formicola
Maureen Gaines
Pam Gaines
Christopher and Mary George
Judy George
Carolyn Gillespie
Nicole Gilliam
Beth Gillis
Lauretta and John Girouard
Leonard Goldstein
Gorton's Fisherman
Andrea Gouldson
Karen Graham
Stefan and Andria Gross
Joan Hadly
Margaret Haines
Matthew Harrington
Vincent Harriott
Joy Harrison
Juliana Hart
Anne Harvey
Brooke Hauser
Sabih Hayek
Richard Hepp
Ann Hersch
Jackie Herskovitz Russell
Laurie Imperatore
Jennifer Jenkins
David E Johnson
Pam Jongbloed
Allison Juves
Robert and Linda Karewa
Daniel Kirsch
Laura C Knight
Matthew Knox
Scott Kramer
Alexa C Krauter
Carla Kruck
Michael Kruckenberg
Tiffani LaCasse
Richard and Carol Lane
Lindsay Lasserre
Sherry Latino
Dennis Leary
Ron Lehman
Yael and Robert Lenkinski
Judy Levin
Mildred and Alan Linehan
Veronica Listerud
Ashley Lodovice
Dan Loehr
Gwen and Chattman H Lourie
Stephen Lozier
Lucas, Jiliane and Pelletier, Christopher
Donna, Daniel and Lussier-Lyne, Lyne
Eric Macaux
Donna MacDonald
Heidi MacPhee
Brian Mahler
Jane Mak
Andrew Malachowski
Leanne Mason
Kevin Maxwell
Peter and Caroline McElroy
Victoria McGinness
Richard McGowan
Kevin, Shauna and Stokesbury, McLelland



If you have any questions about donating to MARE, please contact Megan Dolan, Director of Development at (617) 964-6273 x111 or

MARE - Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange, Inc. - 19 Needham Street, Suite 206, Newton, MA 02461
617-964-MARE (6273) – 1-800-882-1176 – Fax: 617-542-1006

MARE welcomes and serves all constituents without regard to an individual’s actual or perceived race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, physical or mental ability, veteran status, domestic partnership or marital status. This policy also applies to employment practice, internal promotions, training, opportunities for advancement, terminations, outside vendors, service clients, use of contractors and consultants, and dealings with the general public.

MARE is partially funded by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families – DCF
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